This weekend our team found two new caves in Sikhote-Alin.

Lately we sometimes go to short-time searching expeditions to different parts of the Far East. This time our team explored a karst area near the Dzava river.

We left Khabarovsk in Thuesday evening, lingered for an hour through a traffic jam and arrived to the river too late in the dark. We set up our tents, had dinner and went sleep.

Next morning Boris and Anton took me to Yolka cave (they had found it during their previous visit to Dzava), and then they went to seek for new caves.

Yolka ("Fir-tree") is a small cave with 10-meter shaft and a single room. It's called "Grenlandiya" ("Greenland") because it has an ice groung and nice ice formation. I had been taking photos there for a few hours, and then I returned to the camp. Boris and Anton had already returned too, and they were very glad due to they find two new funnels.

It was rainy the next day, and we were wandering around the Dzava wet and angry. We inspected rocks, but unfortunatly we did not find anything. Then we returned to the camp very disappointed; we decided to look at the funnels they had found in Friday next morning, and then to return to Khabarovsk.

Sunday morning was warm and sunny, and we got the funnels soon. One of them was a pretty big cave with a numerous deer bones on the bottom. It was a couple of deer skulls with horns in a good condition. We explored this cave hastily and call her "Roga" ("Horns"). Then we hurried to the camp: we had to return to Khabarovsk up to Sunday night.